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A Physical Exam Is More Than Just Filling Out A Form

At Pediatric Care Specialists, we take great pride in providing comprehensive and high-quality care for our patients. Childhood and young adulthood are full of critical milestones and important developmental changes. By maintaining regular well visits, we can ensure that we know our patients best and can provide them with excellent care during times of both health and illness. In addition to well visits, children often need to be evaluated for their readiness/appropriateness to participate in daycare, school, sports, obtain their driver’s permit or safely undergo an upcoming procedure/surgery. In many cases, this can be completed along with their well visit. In recent years, we have found that some of our patients have sought out these types of physicals at urgent care facilities. We feel that this is an enormous disservice to our patients. As their primary care providers, we are familiar with their past medial history, growth curves, development, immunization status and medical list/allergies, all of which are important to review during these types of visits. These visits are also opportunities for us to stay updated on any changes with your child’s medical history, so that we can also serve them best in times of illness/injury. As such, Pediatric Care Specialists will be instituting a policy whereby any patient who has routine physicals completed somewhere other than one of our offices will be asked to no longer consider PCS as their primary care provider. For our part, we will continue to omit to flexible and timely scheduling of appointments at any of our five locations and of course to always providing the highest quality of care for your child.
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