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Lactation Services

The staff at Pediatric Care Specialists are here to support breastfeeding mothers and mothers with newborn feeding concerns.  Our lactation specialists can help mothers with a variety of issues surrounding breastfeeding, including latching difficulties, painful nursing, low milk production and inadequate weight gain.


Keep in mind that breastfeeding your baby is a learned skill.  It takes patience and practice.  For some women, learning to breastfeed can be frustrating and uncomfortable. It may also seem more difficult, especially if your baby was born early or you have certain health problems. The good news is that it will get easier, and support for breastfeeding mothers is available.

Even if you have decided not to breastfeed, or you are medically unable to do so, our providers want to help you with questions regarding preparation of formula, baby care and most importantly, support for your family!

Lactation Square

Call our office today to set up an appointment to help you meet your nursing goals at 814-266-8840

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