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Pediatric Care Specialists is one of the largest pediatric practices in the region. We are open 365 days a year and we offer late hours for after-school appointments. As you can see, we like to give our patients options. We have also given you multiple options by which to contact us.
Call Us: (814) 266-8840
Fax: (814) 266-8863
Use the Patient Portal

A Patient Portal is a link on our website that allows for secure communication between the patient and the practice for any number of common interactions and transactions. An important feature of a Patient Portal is the secure transmission of data between the practice and the patient. This is because all Protected Health Information (PHI) is sent via secured transmission mechanisms and not via insecure methods such as regular email. For instance, an email will be sent from the Patient Portal to the patient stating that a lab result, or answer to a question is available. The patient will be directed to log into the Patient Portal to see the actual lab results. No health information is directly sent via email.


There are many features that can be implemented on a Patient Portal; following are some of them:

  • Prescription refills
  • Appointment requests
  • Clinical Visit Summary
  • Lab results, medical records or other patient data
  • Communication between the patient and the practice staff
  • Clinical questions
  • Billing questions

If you haven’t yet, activate your child’s patient portal today by calling us at (814) 266-8840 for your activation info. If you have an account already, click the button below to log in.

Tour Our Office Locations

Here at Pediatric Care Specialists, we are proud of our various offices for their convenient locations and their clean, professional presentation. We think you will be too and have provided you with a digital tour of each office location.


To tour one of our locations, simply click on the picture of it on the right side of this page.


To find one of our locations on a map, click “View on a Map”.


To navigate to one of our locations from a smart phone or tablet, click the address of that location.

Patient Forms

If you would like to cut down on the amount of paperwork that you will have to do when you arrive at our office, head over to our “Forms” page and print out the forms you need. You can fill them out at your convenience and then bring them with you to your appointment.


If you are interested in employment with us, you may visit our “Careers” page where you may see any positions for which we are currently hiring and/or fill out a form telling us a little bit about yourself. This way, even if we are not currently hiring, the next time we are, you will be on our list of people to contact. Please note that this does not replace the process of filling out an application or sending us your resume, it just lets us know that you are interested.
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