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Well Visits

Pediatric Care Specialists offers appointments for well visits, and physical exams for school, camp and sports.


Well visits are appointments with your pediatrician that are to occur at certain ages from infancy, to early childhood, to middle childhood and finally to adolescence. The first well visit that should be attended is a prenatal consultation for expectant parents.


If you haven’t yet, you may schedule your child’s next well visit by calling our office at (814) 266-8840 or you may use the Patient Portal.


Schools, camps and sports teams very often require physical exams in order for children to be enrolled in sports and other extracurricular activities. This exam aims to evaluate your child’s health in preparation for participation in these activities.


Additionally, the state requires a physical exam to be completed prior to obtaining a learner’s permit for driving.


Forms for physicals may be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate form to view and then download or print it. You may also right-click a form and select “save link as” or “save target as” to download it. Fill out these forms and bring them with you to the physical exam to be completed by the provider.


NOTE: Never send any document containing sensitive personal information via email.

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